Treatment of Well Water


The treatment of your well water will depend on the quality of your water. We have found that one standard approach to treating various contaminants in your water does not always work. Many times one treatment option that works on one water supply fails another with similar contaminants.

For example, the skin does not absorb arsenic during showering or bathing. Therefore, if arsenic is your main concern, a treatment device placed only at the taps used for drinking, cooking, and dental hygiene is sufficient. This is referred to as “point-of-use” treatment.

Iron and manganese can stain laundry and appliances. Therefore, if one of these is present, you may want to treat all your water. This is referred to as “point-of-entry” treatment.

Point-of-entry treatment is also the best option when certain volatile organic compounds exceed the guideline value. These compounds evaporate readily and can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin during bathing or showering.

 In order to properly design a water treatment system, a complete analysis must be done to identify all contaminants including inorganic and heavy metals. This will allow us to provide you with a system that works well year after year. Contact our office for an individual evaluation and specific treatment options

Iron Boss

Historically, iron and hydrogen sulfide were treated using large, multiple tank, high maintenance systems that utilized chemical oxidizing agents. The Iron Boss does the job without adding any chemical additives. One filter, incorporating patented technology. One extraordinary, all natural filtration and oxidation media. One name – Iron Boss.

Iron and hydrogen sulfide in your drinking water are two of the most common and difficult water problems to treat. If you have iron or hydrogen sulfide, you know it. Iron causes those rust colored stains that just appear and only get worse over time. Hydrogen sulfide is the cause of that “rotten egg” smell in water, which if used for cooking, carries over into your food and drink – YUK!